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IATUR 2015
37th International Assocaiton for Time Use Research Conference. 5-7 Aug 2015, Ankara, Turkey.

EFSR 2014
Families in the Context of Economic Crisis: Recent Trends in Multidisciplinary Perspective: 7th Congress of the European Society on Family Relations. 3-6 Sep 2014, Madrid, Spain.

IATUR 2014
36th International Assocaiton for Time Use Research Conference. 30 Jul - 1 Aug 2014, Turku (Åbo), Finland

EAM 2014
VI European Congress of Methodology. 23-25 Jul 2014, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

MPRC 2014
Perspectives on Time Use in the U.S. Conference. 23 - 27 Jun. 2014, Maryland, USA.

CFP Beijing 2014
Time and Change in China and the West Conference, 20-22 Jun. 2014, Beijing Normal University.

WFRN 2014
Changing Work and Family Relationships in a Global Economy. 19-21 Jun 2014, New York, USA.



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ZUMA - Zentrum fuer Umfragen, Methoden und Analysen, Mannheim, Germany: Information on Accessing further Official Microdata - 2001/02 and 1991/92 German Time Use Surveys
Information about the 2001/02 and 1991/92 German Time Use Surveys / Zeitbudgeterhebungen (ZBE) of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany / Statistisches Bundesamt

International Association for Time Use Research

Research Network on Time Use

TURP: Time Use Research Program at St. Marys University, Halifax, Ca.

UNSTATS, United Nations Statistics: Allocation of Time and Time Use

CTUR: Centre for Time Use Research at Oxford University, UK

MTUS: Multinational Time Use Study

HETUS: Harmonised European Time Use Study

HETUS table generating tool

CHAD: Consolidated Human Activity Database

Time Use Research Cell at Center for Developments Alternatives

International Society for the Study of Time

United Nations Statistics Division: Time Use Statistics

Australian Time Users Group
The Australian Time Users Research Group was formed in 2008 to encourage and support the use of time research in Australia.